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Nelson Tirado is defining landscape photography for his generation. He captures nature in its entire splendor in a vibrant and bold way. His photography is so vivid that it makes you feel like you are there. In a technological age when anything can be digitally altered, Nelson believes that nature’s beauty is best appreciated without retouching and only using natural light.

Nelson’s passion for landscapes and his attention to detail makes each of his photographs unique. In every shoot, nature and Nelson become the perfect partners to capture majestic moments. He waits for hours in the dark, visualizing the photograph, and when the sun peaks through the horizon he is patiently waiting to see the gifts that nature will share with him. His photographic journeys are full of adventure and require adequate mental and physical preparation to reach some of the most wonderful locations.

Some of his most noticeable works, “Wild Spirit” and “The Mask” were captured in the tightest of time windows and miles of travel on foot. With only seconds, he was able to eternalize magical moments for others to delight in the creation of God.

“I want for people to feel part of nature when they see one of my photographs and for us all to take care of the planet for generations to enjoy.” – Nelson Tirado

Nelson Tirado is a Venezuelan landscape photographer that resides in Miami, FL. Through his photography Nelson wants for people to appreciate the beauty of the world and leave a legacy of consciousness to preserve its natural resources.

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